3 Reasons to choose Australian cotton in your craft room

I was so excited to be sent a photo from one of our customers. She recently ordered more of the 3 mm Australian cotton rope and I begged her to send me a snap.

Here is why you might want to use this rope:

  1. The Australian cotton rope is just so soft. It is becoming a top choice for knitting instead of woolen yarn – save on the allergies! I do more macrame than knitting but when I do pick up needles I find the feel running through the fingers is great.
  2. This cord has a beautiful twist – you can add those gorgeous fringes if you’re working on a macrame piece – fun to do and looks good!
  3. Have a look at this photo – how could you go past a wallhanging that looks so good? Some people worry that the 3 mm is too fine, but I find it great for detail. You can see in this piece that the multiple elements build a level of intricacy.

A tip for knitters

I found this video on weaving in ends so if you are a knitter you may want to give this a go.